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A Stray Dog Sim
Can you survive the wild?
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Unnamed and Untamed is back! Join the strays' packs or create your own. Find a mate or fight. Have pups and take care of them.
Unnamed and Untamed
You are a stray. Abandoned, lost, or feral. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses in stats. You can increase these stats through some items. You will RP through the forum and also take care of yourself or try through game-play.
Life (roleplaying) (RPG)
For those who love to roleplay, we also have a roleplaying side too! You can make your dog into a RP character and play him or her. Players may create their pack RPGs through the forum as well, if they have permission, but our main RP will be Life. Life is very active right now, but not with a large amount of players at all!
The Items
So far we have trash and a dead rat. More to come!
The Shows
Our shows mainly consist of fights, which break out between certain strays. This is not cruel like for example:humans encourage pit bulls to fight in pits and bet on who they think will win. Fights in this game just happen between dogs. Humans are not involved in the game in any way, except if they are brought up in roleplay. Fights are not for fun for your dog! It's fights over items that can help you survive!
Found a mate? Want to start a pack? Then you'll have to have puppies first. This has many risks, and puppies with low strength may die unless their needs are tended to. Keep in mind puppies are a lot of work and we reccomend not to go ahead and have puppies right away. They are generally more work then adults and need to be fed more in order for them to stay healthy and strong. You or yor mate may have to enter fights to get items for your puppies and these fights could possibly injure you.

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Note: The guest acount is not allowed to Roleplay.

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