Game Description

This is an under construction fantasy RPG. The game will be opened to the public once everything has been completed. Thank you for your patience. =]

~the Majikku admin



As you awaken, you notice that something is... off... not right... strange. Suddenly, you rise with a jolt. "Where am I?" you mutter silently to no one but yourself. Frantically, glancing in every direction trying to determine your location. There are various trees surrounding you, however this forest is unfamiliar, it doesn't even seem... natural. You slowly ascend to your feet, heart beating rapidly. You cannot imagine how a teen such as yourself can get lost in the middle of a remote forest, you can't even remember much before arousing in this situation. All you honestly know is that you are not supposed to be here...


Your first assumption is that this just a dream. Yes! A dream! It must be... there is no woodland anywhere near the suburban area where you reside. This is too impossible to be real. However, you soon realize that everything in this world is clearly tangible. You can feel, smell, and hear all the sound of a real forest. How could this be? Then suddenly, out of nowhere, you scream "WHERE AM I!" It is quite clear that no one else heard you except for the flock of birds flying away, out of the treetops. Dropping down on your hands and knees, tears slowly trickling down your cheek, you... you don't know what to believe. After what seemed like an eternity, you see a figure slowly cast a shadow upon the ground. Startled, you look up with a jolt. There, right before you, stand a tall knight in gleaming armor. "What, am I at a Renaissance fair or something?" you think to yourself. However, your thoughts have been disrupted by his completely real sward pointed down at you! All Rights Reserved 2005 - 2018