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Let's make Ponypaws come alive again!

There are players out there who occassionally check PonyPaws to see if there is any activity. Any news. Any active games and members.

I was one of those players checking this site. Now it's time to make a difference.

If you would like to help make Ponypaws great again, and show that we can build an active community like the one we once had, then please join The Ponypaws Revival Committee today.

We will need to advertise, spread the word, not just on Ponypaws, but outside of the site as well. We will need to create new Ponypaws games and/or find the logins to our old ones and try our best to keep them active.

Once we have at least a few members, then we may build a fan site for Ponypaws which can offer help and tips to new game creators, as well have space for players to announce their games. We could even have a review system and rank people's games on the site, and hold competitions between game creators.

And when we have gathered enough interest for the site, we can get in touch with the developers and owners of the site. The reason that the community has become so inactive is due to the amount of problems that game-creators encounter when trying to alter settings and manage their games. We have to try, at the very least, to get this fixed to be able to start this site up again!

The site and features are already here, it's just time to make this place thrive once again.

Who's with me? Please register today to help our community, and also to let us know that there is still interest in the game out there.


You can check us out via our Guest Account if you are unsure about joining. You are even permitted to send messages and post forum messages - this way you can remain anonymous if you are a little apprehensive about joining our group.

Username: reviveguest
Password: reviveguest

Please note: abuse of the Revive Guest Account will result in it being suspended, and continued misuse will mean it will get deleted.

Thank you for reading, and I sincerely hope you join us! I look forward to hearing from you. All Rights Reserved 2005 - 2018