Game Description
Clank of Hooves Sim

No, this is not a roleplaying game. This is a game where you can actually breed horses, not just make things up.

CoH is based on a few types of horse breeds. Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Shire, Gypsy Vanner, and Hanoverian. Once the game becomes more developed, more breeds will be released. Show, train, sell, breed, and enjoy becoming an equestrian in this easy, fun filled game about horses.

Weekly prizes will be awarded in contests that admin post in the forums. Admin also gives prizes on once in a while as well since most of our players originate from there.

We are currently looking for a moderator to help keep an eye on the game as well. Please bare with me as this game becomes more advanced. It will take a while before everything is ready to go for you all to actually get on and play. All Rights Reserved 2005 - 2018