Game Description
"Hello there! You must be the new rider here at Skyfall Equestrian Centre (SEC). Well I must say I am very glad you are here. Well you see most of our students have left to go to the new Moon Dancer Equestrian Centre ( MDEC) and we need some new riders around here. I need you to bring this place back together and get new riders before the big competition. Are you up for the challenge?" Sam asks you as you arrive.
Sam leads you to a woman she introduces to you as Ginny. "This is Ginny, SEC's manager. She has worked very hard to get this place up and running. She is very upset abou loosing riders right before the competition. She has just had a crazy idea and she has to go pick up some Unicorns from a MagicalHorses dealer. Did you know we had MagicalHorses around here. Of course you didn't it was our secret until recently. If you want you can go meet our MagicalHorses dealer, Molly, later but she will still make you pay for one if you want one." Sam
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