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This is a roleplay game based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter with four fanmade clans: LeafClan, RockClan, OceanClan and FieldClan. We welcome all new members, even those who may have never roleplayed before. I will be happy to answer any questions and the mods will be willing to help also.

Another thing that makes this game unique is a new rank created by me.

Messenger cat: a reporter to their clan. They can freely visit and stay with other clans and travel through their territories. They often play a key role in communication between clans. Like medicine cats they cannot take a mate or have kits. Although it is against their code, some leaders have used messenger cats to spy. Every new moon all messenger cats and their apprentices meet Crystal Cave to share tongues with their warrior ancestors.


OceanClan- grassy terrain with wide spread trees. The territory reaches to the ocean.
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OceanClan-grassy terrain with wide spread trees. The territory reaches to the ocean
Leader: OPEN
Deputy: Lionfur-golden cream tom
Medicine cat: Wavesplash-small, well-built longhaired spotted silver tabby she-cat
Messenger cat: Smokedrift-one-eyed grey and white tom
Clovewhisker-dusty brown tabby tom
Echosplash-silver tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes
Stonebeech-blue-grey tom with amber eyes
Larkstripe-silver tabby she-cat with fluffy tail
Runningwhisker-golden tabby tom with silver eyes
Moonstream- beautiful silver tabby she-cat
Honeyfeather-honey coloured she-cat with black tipped tail
Otterpaw-lighrt brown tabby she-cat with white chest, paws and underbelly (mentor Clovewhisker)
Eelpaw-shaggy grey tom
Leafpelt-grey she-cat with two white paws (mate Lionfur)
Flightfeather- tortoise-shell she-cat (mate Runningwhisker)
(Motherless kits)
Sandkit-bright ginger tabby she-cat
(Leafpelt's kits)
Smallkit-little white she-cat
Crookedkit-grey tom with twisted paw
Brokenkit-cream colored tom
(Flightfeather’s kits)
Fangkit-black-brown she-cat
Bearkit-brown tom with white spots (needs owner)
Turtlekit-brown she-cat with black spots
Snakekit-black she-cat with white spots
Branchkit-brown tom (needs owner)
Coralsplash-ginger she-cat
Reefstone-battle-scarred grey tom
Blackbird-small black she-cat

RockClan-marsh lands filled with pine trees. By the mountain side.
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Leader: Whitestar-soft white she-cat with amber eyes
Deputy: Snowdapple-small mottled grey she-cat
Medicine cat: Herbpool-silver she-cat with leaf-like markings
Messenger cat: Gladefrost-lithe black and white she-cat
Foreststep-dark tabby tom with green eyes, retired leader
Ashclaw-smudgy grey tom with bright blue eyes
Wolfpelt-mottled dark grey tom
Sparrowjest-dark brown tabby tom with green eyes
Ambertail-brown she-cat
Talonear-dusty grey she-cat
Ashenheart-silver-grey flecked tom with white tipped ears
Limepaw-white she-cat with brilliant green eyes (mentor Ambertail)
Brindlepaw-speckled silver she-cat (mentor Ashclaw)
Honeykit-dainty golden tabby she-cat
Berrykit-white she-cat with brown tabby patches
Echovalley-silver tabby she-cat
Silvertail-silver and white she-cat
Greenpine- mottled brown tom
Chervilroot-large red she-cat

LeafClan-dense forest. Territory richest in prey.
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Leader: Bramblestar-tiny ginger tabby tom with one white paw and tail tip
Deputy: OPEN
Medicine cat: Thrushflight-dark brown tom
Goldenpaw-golden she-cat with amber eyes
Messenger cat: OPEN
Addertail-long-legged dark tom
Raccoontail- shaded grey tom with dotted tabby markings
Blackbee-soft black tom with golden eyes
Vinewhip-light grey she-cat with blue eyes
Thunderstorm-snow white tom
Suntail-golden tom with striped tail
Silverpoppy-light grey she-cat with black patches
Dragonclaw-tortoise-shell she-cat
Raindapple-silver tabby she-cat with blue-green eyes
Cresenthawk-large shaded brown tabby tom
Kitefire-white tom with grey spots and turquoise eyes
Ebenpaw-light brown tabby tom
Nettlepatch-dark tortoise-shell she-cat (mate Addertail)
(Nettlepatch’s kits)
Mottlekit-mottled calico she-cat with amber eyes
Patchkit-brown patched tom
Tawnykit-small tawny she-cat
Ryekit-handsome brown tabby tom
Crowlimb-dark tom with white shoulder
Moletooth-fluffy brown she-cat
Goldensun-large sand-coloured tom

FieldClan-open virtually treeless plains. Close to twoleg place.
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Leader: Cedarstar-dark reddish-brown tom
Deputy: Fogwisp-creamy white she-cat with ginger tail
Medicine cat: Petalrose-sleek ginger she-cat with amber eyes
Fawnpaw-reddish brown she-cat with white spots on back
Messenger cat: Finchpelt-brown and black speckled tom
Whitepaw-fluffy white she-cat with ginger-tinged nose
Birchgrove-dark brown tabby tom
Whiteshadow-black and grey tabby she-cat with white muzzle, underbelly and paw
Hollypool-light brown she-cat
Scarseeker-battle-scarred grey-brown tabby tom
Hawkfur-ginger and white she-cat
Cherrybrook-pale ginger and white she-cat with violet eyes
Galestorm-dark grey she-cat with vivid blue eyes
Oatstripe-light brown tabby tom with white underbelly
Snakeheart-sand coloured tabby tom
Scorchpaw-black and orange tom (mentor Whiteshadow)
Featherpaw-ginger and white she-cat with blue eyes (mentor Scarseeker)
Barkpaw-brown tabby tom with hazel eyes (mentor Fogwisp)
Icepelt-thin pale silver tom
Grassgully-black and white tom
Olivebranch-dark brown almost black she-cat with green eyes

Territories Map:

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Note: This game is a remake of an old relatively popular game that was in existance here before ponypaws shutdown late in 2009.

Thankyou for reading.

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