Game Description
Welcome to RabbitryLife! Here you are able to breed, show, and sell champion rabbit stock! Let me help you get started:

Because RabbitryLife is a new game, its kind of a BETA version, so some things are a little funky. I apologize for this and I am working on it.

To get started on RabbitryLife, take a look in the For Sale section. Buy yourself a pair of your favorite breed of rabbit. There are lots of different colors and breeds, so choose carefully. You will also notice three little bars: conformation, speed, and agility. The conformation part is simple, it means the type your bunny has. The other two are a little bit of that funky stuff I was talking about. The speed section has nothing to do with speed. This is your bunny's fur, color, and markings if it is a marked breed. That means agility really is your rabbit's condition and temperament. Try to get the best deal for your money.

Your bunny's points can change, by showing it in classes, and winning. Just enjoy showing, it isn't an uneccessary expense. It is totally worth it.

Breeding your highly ranked bunnies together will make a nice baby for you. This is another funky thing here, the bunnies only have one baby. But the nice thing is that the baby you get out of the mix will be the highest quality possible for that mix. So don't worry about malloclussion, Vienna marks, or mismarks. You are free from sports and charlies as well. So breed freely, but wisely. Pet quality bunnies are about as popular here as on the show table in real life.

The bunnies here on RabbitryLife come in the same colors as the breeds in real life. The difference is that here our members vote once a month on whether or noto to bring in a new variety, then we vote on which rabbit gets a new variety, and finally what variety that is. The rare varieties can be expensive. The ONLY way to tell what color your bunny is, is by looking at its photo, and comparing it with the coloringbook, by clicking here. Each time a new color is made, it is posted in the coloringbook. All member created colors are listed in red. Colors are put in groups, and we suggest breeding to those colors in that specific groups. Remember to NEVER change your rabbit's image. When a rabbit is found whose image was changed, it will be deleted, because now we will be unable to tell what color it used to be, and because of that we can't tell what it will produce.

On RabbitryLife there is a section about training. Desregard it, as this is one of those funky things I mentioned.

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