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Welcome to loveAbull!

LAB is an exciting new dog SIM the focuses on the rasing and showing of bully breed dogs! Raise your bullies right and become a top kennel. We have 5 different breeds so far with more to be added.

LoveAbull is very a very realistic and true to life dog SIM. We try and have an active community with a healthy and fun enviroment.

Currently we have:
-The AmStaff
-The Boxer
-The Bulldog
-The Bull Terrier

Dont see your favorite bully breed? Just put a suggestion on our breed suggestions thread!


-5 different breeds to choose from

-Run your own registered kennel

-Breed your dogs to improve there stats aim for that 20-20-20!

-Compete in basic shows and trials or advanced ones, run by players.

-Import dogs from around the world


Getting started/FAQ:
A must-read for players old and new

The local breeder:
Purchase decent quality show dogs at a good price

The imports area:
More expensive but better dogs.

The pet store:
Purchase pet quality dogs here

Kennel Registerations:
Register to become a showing kennel and breeder.

Breed Standards:
Learn about all the breeds of LAB.

Show info- Basic and Adv.:
Learn about the two show types of LAB.

Breeder Directory:
A list of breeders.

LAB has a variety of items to increase your dog's stats and improve their show potential!

-Normal kibble
-Veggie Kibble
-Rawhide bone
-Dog bed
-Steel water bowl
-Turkey treats
-Grooming comb
...with more constantly being added!

Comming soon to LAB

-Humane Society
-More breeds
-More items
-More trials

Still not convinced? Give LAB a try with our guest account!

User: lovabull
Pass: lovabull

Do not abuse the guest account! DO not post, bid on dogs, ect. Any questions you may have can be messaged to me.

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