Game Description
Watership Down

Game sign-up is currently closed for re-construction.

Welcome to the online game all about rabbits! If you have seen the TV series of Watership Down, then you will be familiar with the storyline. But in this game, you can get involved in shows, win items to boost your warren, train, breed, buy and sell rabbits, post in Forums, message other players, as well as much more!
You start off with 15,000 credits, which you can use to buy rabbits and enter shows. You also get credits awarded to you every day.
In addition to this, every member starts the game by choosing a starter animal, and every member is a Trainer!

Basic Storyline
A group of rabbits have left their old warren, as it was destroyed by humans. Seeking out a new place to live, they set up their warren on a high hill with a single tree on it. They called it Watership Down. Later, they discovered an enemy warren nearby, called Efrafa. The Efrafans soon find out about these "outsiders", and have their heart set on destroying Watership Down...

The rabbit breeds are as follows: Unspecified, Watership Down, Efrafan, Divine, Special, and Reserved.

All rabbits in the auctions are 0 years of age and are the breed, Unspecified. When they become 3 years old (pets age once a week), they will become either a Watership Down rabbit, or an Efrafan, depending on which side the player who bought the rabbit is on.
There are also Divine rabbits and Special rabbits in the game. Divines are from the Watership Down series, and could include El-ahrairah and The Black Rabbit of Inle. Divines can't be bred, but they can enter shows and use items, and can also be sold. Unfortunately, they leave your account after their 80th birthday.
Specials, however, stay with you for eternity. These are not from the Watership Down series, but instead are rabbits such as Athena, Poseidon, Harlequin and Ocelot. Some specials can breed, however others cannot. They all can participate in shows, use items, and can be sold.
Lastly, Reserved rabbits are for specific users who have ordered them. If you have ordered a rabbit, the breed will say, "Reserved", and the name will be the same as your screen-name. Once you have bought the rabbit, the name and breed will change accordingly.

Join the light or the dark
Choose whether to join Watership Down or Efrafa. Get together with other members on your side and start planning!

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you playing soon! All Rights Reserved 2005 - 2018